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Unwanted Tattoo

Unwanted Tattoo

Mouscron, Belgium

Rine and Barney have been in punk bands since birth. Wouter comes and goes but they always knew they would play together. But Wouter kept showing up for gigs without a guitar, ” I hate carrying things”.

Barney put up two cheap mics in the garage and they recorded their first demo, this time on top of the mustang, with a guitar they borrowed from a girl who spoke english with a french accent called Annette.

Rine noticed the doorbell at the end of one of the tracks, and they all agreed it is the best part of the demo. Rine and Barney still don’t know where Annette lives but there are gigs on the cards and more recording to do so one can only hope.

Unwanted Tattoo is fuelled by stripped down tikipunk rock’n’roll. As they say in the UK “It does what it says on the tin”. Simple songs, straight ahead performance and not a hint of polish anywhere. Like classic cars and enduring icons, they are vintage and modern at the same time. Nothing fancy and nothing missing. A beautiful useful mess. Unwanted Tattoo, the sound of moving parts.