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The Dead Ringers

The Dead Ringers

The Dead Ringers

Two piece garage punk band from Essex MD.

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With the release of the full length Antidepressant Distraction album, The Dead Ringers takes a new approach to some classic genres to give the record a life all it’s own. Lush with addicting and raw progressions, an incomparable energy, and an aggressive pop style, the record boasts the aesthetic of surf punk anthems. 
The first single, “Terror Eyes", immediately grabs you with it’s infectious thrash pop guitars, followed by it’s growing intensity and destructive back bone.

"The theme of the song comes from a negative experience in which I felt like the people around me were manipulating me and weren’t really my friends. The line ’is it all a lie in my mind’ is questioning the validity of the relationships in my life and the "terror eating me" was the feeling of utter fear that the people around me weren’t really who they said they were." explains songwriter Aaron Donahue of the bands single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the album, to get a real feel for where The Dead Ringers is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety.

"We’ve gone for a more straightforward recording process by recording guitar and drums together live and then overdubbing the rest. This gave us the best sounding recordings. We’ve also added more variety in longer and different sounding songs as opposed to all short and fast ones." says the band of creating the record.  

Consisting of two  main members, The Dead Ringers was formed by Jason Kendall (drums, vocals) and Aaron Donahue (guitars , vocals) in spring of 2018. Both playing from age of only 9, the two ended up playing in bands together around Maryland. Performing covers in bars and house parties as much as they can, they quickly became embedded in the local MD music scene. 

It wasn’t until deciding to create a two man recording project that things changed. Working together to release a debut EP titled Eaten Away, followed by another named She Was A Stunner, and a full length self titled record, the newly released Antidepressant Distraction release serves as a a testament to where the band is at with their sound right now. 

Antidepressant Distraction is available now for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets. 
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