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Not the Ones

Not the Ones


NOT THE ONES from East Berlin play Punk with catchy tunes.

The band formed in 2010, changed its name a few times and its drummer even more often, until the first 7”-EP was released on Wanda Records in 2014. A split-7“ with The Frogrammers from Berlin came out in May 2015.

By then NOT THE ONE had already toured all over Germany and by the end of October 2016 they could finally present their first Album “just a bad mood” (Wanda Records), followed in the next year by a second LP, called “T.L.C.”, which was released in December 2017 (also on Wanda Records). After changing the drummer one more time NOT THE ONES just released a 7” B-Side, while they’re working on a third album and are looking forward to touring again excessively.

In compliance with the title of the first album with their music they have been trying for years to put people into a bad mood but so far unfortunately couldn’t record much of a success in making people miserable as critics and audience keep claiming it’s feel-good music.

Apart from that Wanda Records states: “Nice’n’easy British Guitar punk in the vein of ALTERNATIVE TV and ADVERTS, topped with some BOYS/LURKERS melodies.” 

Line-up: Kidd (Voc/Git), Hugo (Bass/Voc), Palme (Drums/Voc)