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Vaiwatt 2020

Vaiwatt 2020

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Lord Bishop Rocks  US NOW FOR 2019

Lord Bishop Rocks US NOW FOR 2019

4000 shows played

30 countries played

23 studio albums and bootlegs


Lord Bishop combined Funk, Rock, Punk and a touch of Reggae emotionally blended together and

deeply soaked in black voodoo which bewitches everyone.

The master himself describes his music as "Hendrixian Motor Funk". This can be described as

having fat guitar riffs like Jimi Hendrix, mixed with the power of Motorhead and the heavy blues of

Led Zeppelin.

In addition you get a good shot of James Brown funk. Lord Bishop Rocksʼ interpretation of rock

feels sexy, dirty, funky and simply honest.

Recently released Heavy 10, featuring music which has influenced the bands own expansive

20-year career. With the volume set to 11, get ready to hear an eclectic collection of classic rock

like you have never heard it before!

What the critics are saying: “Lord Bishop plays these songs as if he wrote them himself!!!”

- Jack Endino, producer, Nirvana

“Lord Bishop Rocks is an experience every hardened gig-goer should indulge in at least once.”

– Dorian Williams, The Skinny

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NACHTMAHR Antithese Tour Documentary

NACHTMAHR Antithese Tour Documentary

Enjoy the tour documentary of the Antithese tour and feel the untamed energy of NACHTMAHR on the road.

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Astro In Music 16 - 23 December

Astro In Music 16 - 23 December

If you want to look at the next week. astrological interpretations are in Turkish.

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SickBoy Organization 22nd Anniversary Celebration.

SickBoy Organization 22nd Anniversary Celebration.


13 February 2020 21:00 - 02:00

all details..SickBoy Organization 22nd Anniversary Celebration.

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Telaşa Mahal Yok

Telaşa Mahal Yok

Turkey is an important part of the underground music scene, which he published in 1999, Rashit’s "Telaşa Mahal Yok!" Album, entered the age of 20 this year.

Friday, December 13 Audiob office in Turkey to meet 90 are independent and underground music "Telaşa Mahal Yok!" We speak. After the interview, which will be attended by Murat Beşer, Deniz Durukan, Levent Pekel, Çağlan Tekil, Metin Kalaç and RASHIT, Audioban Presents: Rashit - Telaşa Mahal Yok We continue the night with the 20th Year Concert.

The event is free of charge. Participation will be limited by space capacity. You can book through the ticket link.

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Here we go!

Here we go!

“SickBoy Organization Agency And Events”

International culture, arts and tourism organization, bands and artists management, production and promotion.

“SickBoy Organization Agency And Events” is a music management company and booking agency focused on providing bespoke management and consultancy services throughout the music industry.

“SickBoy Organization Agency And Events” represent Alaca Katarsis office of İstanbul. Their manager Umit Guzel has earlier working with SBO for 21 years. Umit concentrates on label deals, live and touring and represent office of Podgorica.

Umit Guzel concentrates also in music and entertainment law and sync licensing.


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You are invited to the 21st year party of the Sickboy Organization.

You are invited to the 21st year party of the Sickboy Organization.

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