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KAM, was founded by Trumpet player Can Ömer Uygan, in Galata Istanbul. As an idea, it has reached &n organic structure with all the band members who have played in the band since 2010. The band formed by Okan Kaya and Can Ömer Uygan, one of the founders of Gevende and Cansun Küçüktürk, whom we know from Bajar, came to the final stage with Cihan Kahvecioğlu taking part in the drums. With its improvisation, Anatolian motifs, psychedelic and jazz-fed music, KAM has given many concerts since its inception.

Can Ömer Uygan : Trompet, Flugelhorn

Cansun Küçüktürk : Electro

Okan Kaya : Bass

Cihan Kahvecioğlu : drum