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Beijing, China

Guiguisuisui is a two piece art theatre performance project. Curated by Chinese artist Nan Guazi and her British husband, Guiguisuisui blends electronic and live sounds to create the backdrop for interactive theatre performances which feature a cast of characters from an imagined future and past. Over the top of this Nan Guazi’s visuals projected onto the stage using the groundbreaking Tagtool software; live painting crossed with animated stories from another galaxy, that merge science fiction and fantasy elements with traditional Chinese mythologies and shadow puppetry. The show has toured relentlessly since its beginnings in 2012, with gigs in China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe (UK, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Hungary). In 2016 they were presented with the ‘Band of the Year’ award at City Weekend Beijing’s annual awards show as well as being featured on the cover of 通俗歌曲 (’tong su ge qu’) magazine. The Shining Soundscape concept and associate Shining Dimensions event series are the latest manifestation of the project’s creative process to date.



‘Charon’ EP



Charon is the latest EP from Guiguisuisui and the first music release from the anti-pop brand Daftpop. The EP blends minimal wave synths, trip hop beats, and shoe gaze guitars with samples of traditional Chinese instruments such as the pipa and guzheng, and whispered poetry juxtaposed against Chinese opera vocalisations, all mixing together to create an art rock crossover between East and West, the traditional and the contemporary. Each of the tracks can stand alone or fit together to tell a story with lyrics that reflect upon Chinese mythology relating to the red spider lily, which are described in translations of ancient texts as flowers that grow in hell and guide the souls of the dead along the path to reincarnation. Meanwhile the title of the EP borrows the moniker of the ferryman of hades, who serves a similar purpose in Greek mythology in helping lost souls journey through the afterlife. The EP itself came about after Guiguisuisui had been touring their Shining Soundscape show for three months in Europe and China. As a consequence the band chose to create a record that fit this performance: flowing and layered, rooted in traditions but progressive at the same time, and something that could be presented as a story along with live artwork and performance. Created in a matter of weeks, the band chose to self record and produce the EP in an effort to not overthink the pieces, but rather to preserve the raw inspiration and improvisations, evident in not only the music but the visual accompaniment too.

Shining Soundscapes

‘Shining Soundscapes’ documentary by Daga:

Shining Soundscape (SS) is a new live art musical performance from Guiguisuisui (⿁⿁祟祟). An artistic performance that crosses between structures and improvisaton, combines both live digital painting and spur of the moment painting thanks to the impulsive nature of Tagtool; a sonic background that oscillates between found sounds, improvised ambience, mediative chants and soaring melodies, aswell as trip hop,shoegaze, and minimal wave songs from Guiguisuisui’s extensive catalog of work; costumed performance that interacts with the sound and visuals, drawing on elements of theatrical performances from across East Asia. A key aspect of the performance is audience interaction, where at various stages members of the audience are invited to make choices that influence the sounds, colors, and movements that will be including in that particular show. As a result the movement from the performance is a collaborative process from start to finish, the performers not knowing which direction it will take until the whole thing has emerged.In this sense the whole performance environment becomes a canvas for the creation of a saga using shining light, shadows, sounds, costumes and movement, with the audience being wrapped in the atmosphere conjured. Guiguisuisui firmly believe in the future development of the SS project, and the limitless possibilities that a combination of painting and music can open up for future forms of creative performance.

Festivals/ Conventions 参与艺术节:

2014 Fake Fuzz Fest (China),

2014 Purple Toad Festival (China)

2017 Fig Design Festival (Belgium)

2018 Midi Music Festival (China)

2018 Playtime Music Festival (Mongolia)

2018 International Media Festival (Mongolian)

2018/2019 Nestival (London)

2019 Valley of the Arts (Hungary)

2019 Borderline (Poland)

2019 Garbicz (Poland)

2019 Waking Life (Portugal)

2019 Tagtool Convention (Austria)


City Weekend Readers Choice Awards Beijing Best Band

Music videos⾳乐录影:

《Silent Fire》:

《Shadow of the Moon》: