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Discover The Rhythm!

Discover The Rhythm!


July 19, 2020

Garden Park Hotel

SBO Agency & Events Present

Workshop l Cajon

Date: July 19, 2020

Venue: Garden Park Hotel

Cajon Making: Umit Guzel-Soroush Montazeri

Rhythm workshop: Muratto


The workshop consists of 7 sections.

General information about Cajon will be given.

Mounting of Cajon surfaces will be done.

The wires of the cajo will be mounted.

The front cover will be mounted.

Cajon’s general sanding will be done.

Varnishing and polishing will be done

In the final section, beat techniques will be shown and 1 hour of rhythm study will be done.

At the end of the workshop, everyone will have their own Cajon.


The Cajon (Kahon) is a Peruvian percussion instrument played while sitting on it. Its usually played by stroking it with hands and fingers or tools like brush, mallet etc. The interior of the Cajon has a variety of wires and cymbals that contact the front surface. These wires and cymbals vibrate together with hand and finger strokes, making different tones of sounds. It is often used in flamenco music.

Notes: Applications to the workshop will start on 29 June 2020 and pre-registration is to be made. Participants are advised to bring a working apron or different outfit so that their clothes are not varnished. The workshop attendance fee is 120€. The participation fee will be made by bank transfer or credit card. All materials will be supplied by the workshop manager. At the end of the workshop, cajon will be the property of the participant.