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Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud

Vancouver/ Canada

Credit Card Fraud (CCF) are a hi-tempo, hard-drivin 3-piece punk band from Vancouver BC. After years of drinkin from the same batch of death-spiral kool-aid these three finally joined forces in late 2017 to blaze their current trail of rock n roll ruin. Three albums plus one live release in that short time!!! Yeah, things get all busted up real quick with their rapid-fire delivery of gritty-hip-shakin-pogo-bobbin-slam-dancin tunes. This trio is revved up, unhinged and always ready to go. Every song’s a 2 minute assault of crazed vocals, wild scorchin discordant guitar all motored by heavy drivin bass-playing set to hard swingin ’n thumpin drums. Look out for their just released rippin 10 track album  "Eternity of Whatevers."

Pedro - guitar, vocals

Zane - bass

Dylan - drums