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Atomatons - 60’s Finnish beat smashed together with raw and reverby rhythm’n’blues sound, a pinch of punk and a ton of garage! As musicians, they’ve hardened themselves by playing mambo-groove, psychobilly, astral surf and punk for audiences in Finland and the rest of Europe in bands like The Mutants, The Shrieks, The Atomic Blast, etc. Put them in a rock bar, bowling hall or a custom culture party in a garage - it works! Atomatons released their debut EP "Be Prepared" in July 2019. The songs on the 7" are written by the singer-guitarist Repowoman and fine-tuned collectively in an analog studio. The tightly played, breathing, grooving and murderous outcome is iced with mad vocals of distortion and whispers… The digital release (Spotify etc.) also contains a version of I’m the Wolfman by Round Robin.

Atomatons is:

Repowoman - vocals, guitar

El Toro - guitar

Armas T - bass

Zip Martini - drums