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We focus in booking shows for  diffrent culture acts in The Balkans cities but we also export artists to Europe and promote international artists in the World.

"SickBoy Organization Agency & Events" International culture, arts and tourism organization, bands and artists management, production and promotion is a music company from Podgorica, Montenegro.

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“SickBoy Organization Agency And Events” is a music management company and booking agency focused on providing be spoke management and consultancy services throughout the music industry.

“SickBoy Organization Agency And Events” represent Alaca Katarsis office of İstanbul. Their manager Umit Guzel has earlier working with SBO for 21 years. Umit concentrates on label deals, live and touring and represent office of Podgorica.

 SickBoy Organization is a Montenegro-based independent agency for management, bookings and talent development. SickBoy Organization was founded on February 13th, 1998 in lstanbul. Company have in the Turkish music scene, in the area of bookings as well as talent management.

 SickBoy Agency focuses on a wide musical spectrum, which can be divided into different genres: All kind of music (from experimental to ethnic beats), electronic music, rock, punk, indie, reggae, rap, psychedelic rock, goth, dark wave, garage etc. SickBoy is always looking for artists who know how to surprise an audience and who, above all, have an excellent stage presence when performing live. In addition to doing bookings and management, SickBoy is also promoting various club nights and co-hosting shows / festival stages as well as entire festivals.

 Another important pillar for SickBoy Agency will be the band’s booking, as well as band’s merchandise sale on e-shop.

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